Open Enrollment has ended for the 2018 Plan year. 607-777-9526

Did you miss Open Enrollment?  Are you eligible for a special qualifying event, such as:


Birth of a Child

Aging off your parents policy

Employer loss of coverage

Ending COBRA Coverage

I can help you find the right plan!  Give my office a call within 30 days of the events listed above.  This will give us plenty of time to get you enrolled!


How to appoint a local "Certified Broker" to assist you with your coverage needs through the

Individual & Small Business Marketplace

Helping you navigate the Marketplace

DiVirgilio Benefit Resources is a Certified Broker with the Marketplace.  

What is a Certified Broker?

Certified Brokers are licensed professionals that have been certified by the Marketplace to provide enrollment assistance and information to individuals and small businesses about the health insurance options available through the Marketplace.

Is there a cost to use a Certified Broker?

You won't pay extra for coverage if you use a broker for help in applying and enrolling in a plan. 

How can I appoint Rose DiVirgilio or find a broker?

Appointing Rose DiVirgilio as your Broker

Once you appoint DiVirgilio Benefit Resources, Rose DiVirgilio is able to assist and review your account. 

Please contact Rose DiVirgilio directly if you need further assistance. 

November 1st, kicks off Open Enrollment for the Individual Marketplace

Schedule your appointment early!